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What We Offer? other well-known systems, Myklaud Office’ afford-ability, shallow learning curve combined with an emphasis on only providing features that are practical, allows it to be easily budgeted and integrated into any business firm.

Myklaud Office makes accountancy practice management easy through features and modules that are simple to understand and flexible in design. It will actively help you and your staff complete otherwise time-consuming tasks with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Read more 



Myklaud Office Hospital Information System

Myklaud Office unifies the entire hospital network as a powerful communications and collaboration platform that can be utilised by all stakeholders involved in a patient’s care.
Myklaud Office HIS is a comprehensive hospital information system that handles patient administration and financial functions and integrates these with an advanced clinical information system. It provides secure access to a patient’s electronic medical record in real time at the point when clinical decisions are being made Read more.


Myklaud Office EMS Education Management System

smartofficeEMSInformation is the basis of management, planning and evaluation of an Education system. During the education management process, Myklaud Office EMS education management information Management system should inform the different actors and partners on the state of the sector, its internal and external efficiency, its pedagogical and institutional operation, its performance, shortcomings and needs. Read more.


Myklaud Office Hotel Management System


Myklaud Office HNS Hotel Information Systems producer of epitome property management system (PMS) software, and Diversified Computer Corp., maker of Guestware, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) software, have completed a two-way interface Read more




Myklaud Office CMS Construction Management System

smartoffice- constrcution- intregation

Defining the Future of Construction Excellence Together

With a long-standing focus on the issues and challenges facing contractors, Myklaud Office CMS Construction Software has carved out a unique position in the construction management software marketplace. Instead of pointing our resources towards the development of generic business solutions, we have focused our attention on solving the unique needs of construction professionals Read more.


Myklaud Office WMS Distribution and Warehouse Management System

smartofficewarehouseWith Myklaud Office’s distribution software, you can automate every link in even the most complex supply chains. Anchored by our industry-leading warehouse management solutions, Distribution Management provides a comprehensive set of supply chain execution solutions to help you connect inbound and outbound operations, increase product velocity, improve customer service and achieve world-class efficiency across your distribution network Read more.